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Track listing:

  1. Master of Disaster
  2. Exaggeration
  3. Stella
  4. Another Reminder
  5. Livin' in a Lincoln
  6. Water Under The Bridge
  7. Artichoke
  8. I See Through You
  9. Open Window
  10. Sad Little Monkeys
  11. Creature of Habit
  12. A Walk Thru The Garden
  13. Less Blue
  14. Enough

Released 1991, Strugglebaby Records


Rob Fetters

Guitars and vocal, guitar synth, dulcimer, mandolin, kalimba, percussion

Bob Nyswonger

Bass, acoustic guitar, Hammond B-3, mellotron

Chris Arduser

Drums and vocal, mandolin, acoustic guitar, and percussion


Engineered by Dale "Smitty" Smith and Ric Probst

Mastered at Fullersound by Mike Fuller

Cover concept by S. Monian / Photography by Michael Wilson

Executive Producer for Strugglebaby: Stan Hertzmann

All material is © 1993-2009 psychodots, unless otherwise noted.