terminal blvd.
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Disposable Man (nyswonger)

I should have known better, put 2 and 2 together
when you switched from overdrive to reverse
I was just a grinning head in your trophy room
Small consolation that I wasn’t the first

And you used me up
You used me up and tossed me into the can

You used me up
I was your disposable man

Call me
Joe Blow
Disposable man
Joe Blow

You held me
you let go
let go

I fooled myself believing I was part of your life
Not just some part of some degrading machine
But when the dance was over, the lights came on
I could see your love was only obscene

And you used me up
used me up and tossed me into the can

You used me up
I was your disposable man


Gonna come a day when your looks are gone
Gonna come a day when your nights are long
Gonna come a day when you pray for one more Joe Blow

You used me up
you used me up and tossed me into the can

You used me up
I was your disposable man


Terminal Blvd. (arduser)

I thought I was living in the best of times
The worst of times were left behind
I thought I’d never believe a lie

It started simple, it always does
next thing you know I felt a shove

I got in line and saw the sign above
to Terminal Boulevard

Everyone said, “You’re gonna love it here!”
And from far away, it looked so clear
But that’s only ‘cause there’s nothing there

And every day I wake is the same
I swear I’m not gonna play this game
By six ‘o clock, I’m riding with the gang
to Terminal Boulevard

this world won’t last forever
maybe the sooner the better

Still, in all, it’s hard to say goodbye
to Terminal Boulevard

Another thought just crossed my mind
But I forgot it right on time
It doesn’t pay to know your crime
on Terminal Boulevard


Not A Pretty Face (fetters)

I got all the friends that money can buy
I don’t have to tell the truth so I don’t even try
I cheat on my tax and I’m never gonna die
Ain’t got no friends that money can’t buy

An honest life is a heartbreaking hustle
You better learn that your heart is a muscle
So make it hard-it gets a little rough
You might have talent, but talent ain‘t enough

You need some help from a lower power
When your chance comes, you only get an hour
I found a way that could save the human race
But they ain’t gonna hear it ‘cause I’m not a pretty face

It took a little while to become corrupt
But I had mouths to feed and there never was enough
So I hired me a dude I knew who had the right stuff
To do the dirty work while my nails got buffed


I don’t know where I’d be without my Prozac pill
It takes the edge away when I’m forced to kill
And then I smoke a little dope and I drink a little swill
One hand on my Bible, the other in the till


U, G, L, Y-I ain’t got no alibi
I’m ugly
I’m ugly


My Friend The King (fetters)

Kings can’t buy everything
They can’t buy you
They can’t buy a dream

A king might say, “Baby, it’s you!”
But they don’t always tell the truth

My friend the king
My friend the king
I would not change places for anything

He hides his money
and digs a hole
‘Cause he won’t need it
where he goes


On your knees, get on your knees


He takes that woman, gives her the gas
She don’t like him, but he don’t ask

Home at last, home at last


You Will Never be Satisfied (nyswonger)

If I told you the truth, you would never believe it
If I showed you the way, you would say I was up to something I could build you a palace and be sure
First, you would locate every exit door

You will never be satisfied (x4)

If I gave you my word, you’d go searching for hidden meanings
So restless and lost
Things that we have in common

Priceless treasures cast off or ignored
Eyes on the horizon, pedal floored

(Solo and fade)


The Problem Song (fetters)

I changed my name, exchanged my friends
And I burned the bridge, so I can’t go back again

Then I hit the wall, so I hung a left
but I kept looking back, because I’m still obsessed

And the sun comes up while I go down
The truth appears and it orbits around

I wake up with a problem
and I think it’s gonna last
I can’t pretend to understand

Isolation is an angry crowd
Feet stuck in the mud, mind lost in a cold gray cloud

Am I so alone, am I so unique?
That sad old fear rides me like a dying beast

And the moon is full, I’m losing ground
Truly, I am lost and going down


I can’t pretend to understand
Why I can’t go back again
Why I can’t go back again

I went to bed all warm and snug
But I woke up in a shallow grave I dug

No buttons to push, no chains to jerk
I just gave up, ‘cause my way, it don't work

But I can't shake this problem
And I think it's gonna last
I can't pretend to understand
'Cause I still have this problem
And I know it's gonna last
I can't pretend to understand


Hope It Works Out (arduser)

Did your therapist tell you to steal my guitar?
Or was it your own idea?
I didn’t think you thought things through that far

Did your mother tell you to burn my clothes?
When your dad saw the books on Greta Garbo did he say, “Please,could I have those?”

Well, I hope it works out
I hope you make money
And you find somebody you can push around

Yeah I hope it works out With the Easter bunny
and you convince some dummy to polish your crown

‘Cause it was never gonna be me

On my birthday, you always thought I got too much attention
So I’d pretend like I forgot, but that was met with the very same aggression

You’ve got a mean streak ten miles wide
I couldn’t live on that stretch of road
I had to step aside

(Chorus and fade)


Instead Of The Bottle (arduser)

"It’s impossible," I said, "I’m at a bar."
She said, “I know you too well-you’d say that wherever you are."

"I wanna see you alive, and tonight
You could kiss me, instead of the bottle.”

Well, she needs me at her side
I’ve forgotten my name
And whatever occurs, I will take all the blame

I self-destruct every time there’s bad luck
And I could kiss her tonight, instead of the bottle

Well, there’s more than one way to skin a cat
But I do not want to listen to that
Why do I create the very thing that I hate?
When I could kiss her tonight, instead of the bottle


The Great Communicator (nyswonger)

I cut a noble figure, had a knack for sports
A figurehead was needed who looked good on a horse
Substance takes a back seat when image can be sold
I breezed through the audition to land my biggest role

But Mommy, I really can’t recall
Did I crush the evil empire by showing off my sword?
Believe me, I always tried my best
I’m the Great Communicator
But I missed my nap, I sure could use some rest

Memos flying everywhere, meetings without end
The microphone relaxed me, the camera was my friend
Producers & directors were whispering in my ear
The scripts were mostly boring, but at least my role was clear

But Mommy, my memory is blank
There was something ‘bout the Contras needing cash for guns and tanks
Believe me, I always tried my best
I’m the Great Communicator
But I missed my nap, I sure could use some rest

I’ll rise to the defense of Mom and flag and apple pie
I’ll build of a web of satellites & lasers in the sky

But Mommy…


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